I wish that I had been smart enough to have written about Oliver's birth shortly after he was born, when all the details were still fresh in my brain. But here I am almost 20 months later, photos are finally edited, and I am trying to piece that day together, so bare with me as I try to remember as much details as possible. 

At my 39 week pre-natal appointment we went in for our last check-up and Dr. Jones informed us that my cervix was wide enough that I would be able to be induced on my due date. We had already scheduled an induction for the week after I was due with a doctor we had never seen before, so we were extremely happy to hear that Dr. Melendez was on call on our due date. I also had my membranes stripped and was told that there was good possibility that our son would come sooner then our induction date. We were hopeful about that, but little man decided he liked where he was at and would not be coming out sooner than he had too. I remember returning to work and telling everyone that he could come any day and to not really count on me coming in. And everyday I returned to work with no signs of him wanting to come out.

My mom flew in the Friday before to be there for the delivery and to help afterwards. I was extremely happy to have her there. The night before our scheduled date, we received a phone call from the hospital telling us what time we would need to check into Labor and Delivery. On Tuesday September 22, 2015 at 7:30am Tim, mom and I checked into Labor and Delivery at Mountain Point Hospital in Lehi. Mountain Point had recently just opened and so the rooms were big and designed that you deliver and stay in the same room your whole time there. The room we were in also had huge windows that overlooked Thanksgiving point.

At 8:00am after I had changed into the hospital gown, and was settled in the nurse started me on an IV of Pitocin to induce labor. Now here is where a lot of details our very vague. The nurse assigned to me was named Karine. She checked my cervix and told me I was dilated at 4 cm and 70% effaced. The moment I started feeling contractions I asked for an epidural. I had told myself that I wanted to hold out as long as possible being getting the epidural. I wanted to see how long I could handle the contractions, but the moment the first one hit I was like there is no way I can survive this. I have complete respect for women who go through labor without it, because that first contraction was enough for me. The anesthesiologist came in shortly, and instructed me to sit up on the side of the bend and to bend over. I gripped onto Tim tight as I bent over my humungous belly the best I could while the long needle was injected into my back. I knew I always planned on getting the epidural, but I was nervous. The size of the needle was overwhelming and I'd heard about how much it hurt. I'd heard the horror stories of it only working on one side or not at all. It ended up just being an uncomfortable pinch. The epidural kicked in pretty quick and I could feel the contractions, but there was no pain like I had felt with that first one.  

Karine was in and out periodically checking my progress. She would come into see how far I was dilated, and how I was feeling. I was progressing at a good pace and I felt fine. A little uncomfortable and ready to be done being pregnant. I don't remember the exact time, and I feel like I am getting things mixed up but I want to say sometime around noon Dr. Melendez came in to break my water. There was a feeling warmth, and then a whole lot of wetness. Karine and another nurse quickly changed the bedding. In looking back at the whole labor process, I'd have to say the worse part was when they were inserting the heart rate monitor onto Oliver's head, shortly after they broke my water. Karine had another nurse come in to help and it hurt so bad as they were inserting it onto his scalp. There was so much pressure.

Besides Karine and other nurses being in and out of the room, there wasn't a whole lot going on. I was to stay put in that bed. If I had to pee I was to page a nurse to have them help me along with all my attachments shuffle to the bathroom. We were all anxiously waiting. Tim worked, I watched Grey's Anatomy and mom read. I did my best to stay comfortable through the contractions. I was also hungry, but wasn't allowed to eat, only could drink water.

Around 2pm Karine checked me again and found that I was dilated at 9 cm and that meant go time. Nurses started piling into the room quickly getting things ready. Dr. Melendez came in shortly after. Around 2:15 pm I was given oxygen and told to begin pushing.  Thanks to the epidural I didn't feel anything, and was guided to push with each contraction. It's hard to push when you can't feel what you are trying to push out, but I pushed as hard as I could. I pushed for 30 minutes and at 2:45pm our healthy 7 lb 5 oz baby entered the world with a full set of lungs, and he was beautiful. That cry of his was beautiful. Dr. Melendez held up our baby for me to see and Tim was given the honors of cutting the umbilical cord.

I ended up having an episiotomy and so while Dr. Melendez was stitching me back up, Oliver was quickly weighed, measured, and cleaned off. As they laid him in my arms I remember feeling overcome with so much love. I stared at him in amazement, and awe. I cried. He was perfect. Everything about him was perfect; his hair, his skin, his mouth, his eyes, ears, finger, toes, everything. We had created this beautiful being and brought him into the world. He belonged to Tim and I. It's hard now to remember exactly everything that I felt in that moment, but I do remember how much I instantly loved that tiny human in my arms. How much he meant the world to me in that instant. For 40 weeks I carried him inside me, and now I would hold and carry him on the outside.

I am so grateful that I was blessed to have an easy pregnancy and an easy birth experience. We have been blessed with a sweet, easy going, lovable (in his own way) little boy, who we love so much and everyday that love for him continues to grow.



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