July 23, 2018

Weekend Update

Friday evening after picking Tim up from school we picked up Chick-fil-a and met up with family at the splash pad in Orem. My mom had driven down from Washington with my Aunt Karen, and had just gotten here earlier that day, and joined them at the park. Oliver loved playing in the water and loved having Nanny (my mom) there to play with him. 
Oliver loved the water spraying up from the ground. The water would turn off and on and when it was off he would put his face down close to the spout and wait for the water to spray up.
Saturday morning I got up at 4:50am to join in on a group run starting at a trailhead in Alpine and ending at the Smith's in Highland. There were thirteen of us and with different distances planned. Some ran 4 miles and others who are marathon training got in 12+ miles. I ran 7 and called it good. 

When I got home around 8am I was surprised to find that everyone was still asleep and so I too went back to sleep. What was even more surprising was that Oliver slept in till 10:45am. That has never happened before!! 
Saturday was also a big day for us. Oliver saw his first movie in a movie theater. We took him to see Incredibles 2, and he did fantastic. We chose to go to the Cinemark which has nice comfy seats that have foot rests and recline. We also made sure to get popcorn. There was a couple of times where he got restless and would start talking, but after looking around and seeing other kids sitting still he'd go back to watching the movie. Also the movie was really good. 
Attachment-2 Attachment-1
After the movie we came home and just hung out. It was too hot outside and even though we all slept in we were all tired. Oliver though had enough energy and kept himself entertained. That included jumping on the couches and vacuuming who knows what. 

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