January 15, 2017

Last Week

Last week was stressful. Stressful in trying to figure out who is going to watch Oliver during the day. We've had so many recommendations, suggestions, ideas, etc, etc, ect. With each of those recommendations, suggestions, ideas, nothing has worked out for whatever reason. This coming week the stress is still going to be there, but we have been given a few more recommendations that will hopefully work out. I'm staying positive. I'm being hopeful. Does no good to be negative about this whole situation we're in. 

Outside of feeling stressed, this past week was a good one. Nothing special happened, but everyday is a new day of memories with our little man. Here are some of my favorite moments from this past week that make me happy every time I look at them. 
Last Saturday we took Oliver to the aquarium. He loved looking at all the fish, but could care less about the penguins or sharks. It was a great place for us to just let him run around free, and not worry too much about him getting into anything. 
We have 9am church with sacrament meeting last. It totally throws off our nap schedule.  Last Sunday while Ollie was napping, I had the intention to sneak into his room to take a picture of him sleeping, but when I opened his door, he was sitting in his crib totally out of it. It took him a few minutes to fully wake up. His bed head is my favorite. 
It also snowed last Sunday so after Oliver woke up, we stood in the window frame for awhile watching dad shovel the snow. Check out that bedhead. 
Baths are his favorite. You say the word 'bath' and he runs as fast as his little legs can to the bathroom. He'll stand next to the tub and point to the faucet until I turn on the water. If I'm not fast enough getting his clothes and diaper off he'll try and climb into the tub himself. 
Tuesday mornings means Wiggle Worms. I don't have to go into work till 12:30, so we go to the library to get some of our wiggles out. Oliver doesn't get a whole lot of interaction with other kids, and this allows him to get some baby to baby social time. 
Oliver has mastered going up the stairs, but is working on the coming down part. He'll stand at the top, point and yell 'Mama' over and over until I come and help him down. 
This is how to entertain a toddler when you try to get ready in the mornings. 
We went to Target with Grandma Carter to look for a new suitcase for her. Oliver was't content staying in the cart and so I let him walk around for a bit. We were in the children's book section, when he grabbed a book and made himself comfortable on the ground. 
IMG_7D737DB3A204-1 While I was at work I received a picture of my baby with a baby snowman. Since Friday the snow has mostly melted but that little snowman is holding strong. It is the cutest.IMG_C4EA00ACEA89-1
Lastly tonight Oliver enjoyed sometime playing in the sink and making a wet mess everywhere. He was one happy little boy. 

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