January 8, 2017

5 Years to Us

DSC08651 DSC08683 DSC09148
DSC09364 DSC09212
DSC09319 DSC09198
DSC08307 DSC08328 DSC08361
DSC08398 DSC08549 DSC08569 DSC08589 DSC08626
DSC09431 DSC09442
For our five year anniversary back in November, the only thing I asked Tim for was for us to have professional family pictures done. These are the first professional family photos that we have with Oliver in them, and are ones that I will cherish forever. I absolutely love how they turned out. Our photographer captured our little family perfectly. Oliver at first was his typical serious little self, but once he warmed up he was eating all the attention up. For months I had been following Jordan Bree photography on Instagram and really really liked her style, and in person she was even better. I am really happy that I have these too always look back on. 

Happy five years to us!

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