August 23, 2016

11 Months

Its getting harder to take these pictures each month, especially now that Ollie is crawling. The minute I lay him down he is instantly flipped over to his stomach and is pushing himself up into a sitting position. So then I have to re lay him down and quickly grab my camera before he is flipped over again. At this point it becomes a game of who is fastest. If you haven't guessed already, my 11 month old is usually the winner.

We are now just one month shy of the year mark. This last month feels like it happened in a blink of an eye, and I'm sure this next month will too. In this last month Oliver has become a pro crawler and is crawling everywhere. He loves to walk, and by that I mean walk with the help of someone holding both of his hands. Every once in awhile he'll feel confident and only use one hand. He loves going outside to walk in the grass or up and down the sidewalk on our street. He is also a book eater. I am constantly having to take the book away and say 'no, we don't eat books.' No book is safe at the moment in our house. We finally bought him an actual high chair with a big enough table that my floors will be somewhat more protected from the casualty of food being thrown overboard.

I love this boy so much, and love watching him grow. This stage of his life has been my favorite. He has such a personality that is so fun. He is constantly saying 'dada' and 'mama,' and can show us where his toes are when we ask him, or if he wants us to see something he'll point to it. We are extremely blessed to have him be ours.

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