July 6, 2016

Fourth of July

This year we celebrated the Fourth by driving up to Burley to join our good friends Kelsey and Devin, their adorable baby girl Charlotte, and Kato their dog. The last time we had seen them was last summer when we drove to California to go to Disneyland, and I was six months pregnant with Oliver. Now just a little over a year later, we both have cute babies, who will someday be married. Our children have no say in the matter. We are definitely grateful that Devin's parents let us stay with them for the weekend, especially with the craziness of their's and Kelsey's family in town for Charlottes baby blessing.
On the fourth, we celebrated by all of us waking up at the crack of dawn to participate in Rupert's 5k and duathlon. Tim registered for the duathlon, so Ollie was my running buddy. Poor Tim hadn't trained for it, since it was a last minute decision, and has been sore these last few days. He did awesome. The rest of the day was filled with a parade (Ollie was not a fan. It was too loud for him, so we left early and hung out in Devin's grandmother's backyard), bbq's, naps for the overly tired babes, a rodeo (Kelsey and I met up with her brother and his family while the husbands put the babes to sleep). The day ended with raspberry picking, fireworks courtesy of the neighbors and marshmallow roasting. It was safe to say we were all pretty exhausted and all headed to bed pretty early.

A few photos from the weekend...
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Embarrassing pics of the two have already begun. 
JPEG image-8D62BF23F6C9-1
Oliver is taking the Free to be Cool with a soda pop seriously. 
JPEG image-F0F29D90DB1F-1
JPEG image-1EC1BF186E69-1JPEG image-36BE7A18DFBF-1
JPEG image-CE61AD11A688-1 JPEG image-0AB8E0DCA398-1
JPEG image-BF6950C859CC-1.jpeg JPEG image-B0EED99BC18B-1
The next morning I took Ollie with me for what was only suppose to be a 4 mile run, turned out to be a 6 mile run, thanks to some dogs who wouldn't let us go back the direction we came, so we had to find an alternate route. Quite and adventure, and my legs were not quite ready for 6 miles. 

Happy Birthday 'Merica. 

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