July 8, 2016

Early Runs

JPEG image-4B82BF82FD55-1
(photo taken a month ago)
I have picked up running again, and have found that the only time that works best for me is early morning. I set my alarm for 5:30 and am typically out the door by 6am. At the beginning it was difficult getting up so early, and also getting back into shape/the habit of running more than 3 miles everyday. But now I enjoy this time in the early morning, it has became a chance for some me time. It had been almost two years since I had actually ran consistently. When we lived in Washington I was running about 5 miles everyday, and gradually increasing the miles with the plans of running a half marathon. Once I joined Tim in Utah, I stopped running, and then shortly became pregnant with Ollie. Now I am back into that routine and am working my way towards another half marathon. Wish me luck. 

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