July 25, 2016

10 Months

I know I pretty mush say this every time I post something, but time keeps going by so fast. Oliver is only two months away from being a year and my mind is blown. Already I have begun planning his birthday party. Even though it's still two months away, I feel like it's coming up fast. Last week we went to a birthday party for some friends of ours little boy and it was good to get some ideas of what to do. 

Oliver is constantly growing, and is getting so big. He loves to eat, and has started eating more solid food rather than mashed up baby food. He seems to like buttered toast, Go-Gurt, and macaroni and cheese the most. The other night he actually ate a whole thing of the individual things of macaroni and cheese. Tim and I were impressed. Since he is eating more solids, we are lessoning the amount of formula we give him.

We have such a happy boy who at the same time always looks so serious. He'll stare at you as if he is thinking about something really hard, but then will burst into a random laugh. Silly boy. He is moving around more and is trying so hard to crawl. This past weekend we worked on going from sitting position to tummy and the practice has been helping. Also we have been doing swim lessons (that's for a whole other post) this past week, and I think that is helping too.

Oliver really is such a joy in our lives. He is a sweet boy who is now saying mama in his own little way. I'm so glad he is ours. Now for a bajillion photos. 

Just for kicks. He was so happy to have that box of toothpaste, and was so mad when I took it away. 

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Pam said...

I miss this little guy! Can't wait to snuggle him (if he'll let me!) Love the pictures!!

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