June 19, 2016

Fathers Day

Happy First Father's Day to the man who is my everything; my eternal companion, and partner in raising our tiny human. He is such an amazing dad and Ollie adores him. I adore him. Those two have a strong bond, and a special relationship. One that I am a little bit jealous of, but thats okay. Tim knows how to put Oliver into laughter fits, and can somehow always manage to get that little boy to sleep. My love for him grows stronger everyday as I watch him be a father to our son. Ollie is extremely lucky to have him as his dada, and I am thankful that he is.
JPEG image-A213889ED184-1
Now I am going to take a second to just say how proud I am of those donuts that are down below. I made those. Husband loves donuts, and I love Husband, so I made Husband donuts. Those were his Father's Day breakfast surprise. I also surprised him with a the picture frame of Ollie spelling out Dada.
This morning I was going through our photos of when Ollie was born. Seeing Tim holding our brand new son makes my heart swell, because the look of happiness and love is evident. Let me tell you, it is attractive to see the man I love with our baby. So with it being the day of recognizing fathers, I am sharing some of my favorites of the man I love with the baby I adore, in no particular order.
IMG_8231 IMG_7636 JPEG image-9A29C0FFE387-1 IMG_6891_2
Happy Father's Day, my love! Ollie Pop and I love you!

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