May 15, 2016

Battle Creek Falls

The goal for this summer is to get out. There will be no sitting around the house, while outside the sun is shining and it is nice and warm. I would really like for us to go on hikes this summer. The mountains are pretty much in our back yard, just waiting for us to go and see what they have to offer. Obviously they will be easier hikes, since one, I am out of shape and two we will be packing a baby around. Last summer we weren't able to go and see what Utah really has to offer, since I was pregnant and just really didn't have the energy or strong desire to get out. This summer, that has changed. 
Yesterday we decided to go and check out Battle Creek Falls. Reading online it seemed like an easy enough hike, and was only about a twenty minute drive away. Little did we know, that yes it was an easy enough hike, it was all uphill. I really don't know what we had expected, maybe a paved trail and a straight level walk to the falls. Coming down was nice, with it being all down hill. Oliver was a  super champ. At first we tried putting him on Tim's back, but he was not having it, so the front he went. He's at an observant stage, and likes to see everything. 
What studs, in their cool glasses, and Oliver is all, "I've got this guys. Lets go!" 
The view to the falls was beautiful, especially with Utah Lake in the distance. 
One hike down, a bajillion more to go. 

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