March 29, 2016

6 Months and an Easter Bunny Baby

Time is going by way to fast. We have a 6 month old tiny human, and I have to tell you, this has been my favorite stage in his life so far. I'm probably am going to say that with each new stage of his life as he continues to grow, but as of now, I am thoroughly enjoying 6 month Ollie. 

Oliver has become quite a chatterbox, with lots to say. I can't wait until he can actually say words. We've been working on 'mama' and 'dada' and so far all I get are lots of smiles, giggles, and bruises on my legs from his kicks of excitement. Too soon maybe? We've also been working on getting him to roll, but as of now this baby is content on not going anywhere. I'm beginning to think we are just going to skip past rolling and crawling and go straight to walking. The other morning Tim and I had Oliver in the bathroom with us in his walker and at one point his little legs started moving him towards us. At first we were like awesome! But  then it became, uh hold on buddy; there are some things that you need to do first, i.e. roll, crawl... Everyday he gets bigger and bigger and at his 6 month checkup up, the comment was made by the doctor that we have a tall baby. Also, that 6 month appointment was a rough one. Poor baby was sick, tired and cried the whole time, and then when hit came time for his shots, the look I got from him was of "how could you let them do that to me."

Everyday I think to myself, how did we get to be so lucky to have Oliver. He has such a fun personality that is so easy going and entertaining, and everyday more and more of that personality shows. He is very ticklish, and laughs so hard when you are getting him changed into his pjs at night, just because of how ticklish he is. Sometimes I think bedtime becomes counter productive, in that we love making him laugh so we will do whatever we can to get him into fits of giggles. We definitely got lucky with this kid. 
I love this look he gives, especially when the camera comes out. 
I have been so excited every time a holiday comes around. I finally have an excuse to go all out for them. Children are always a good excuse for going overboard on decorating and celebrating. The Easter bunny (aka mom) came and left some gifts for Oliver in his cute little easter bunny basket, and also hid some eggs for Oliver to find, which turned into dad carrying him to each egg, holding him up and then exclaiming "Good job Ollie! You found one!". I was/am fully aware that he is only 6 months old and has no idea whatsoever as to what was going on, but I thoroughly enjoyed putting bunny ears on my child and having an 'Easter egg' hunt with him. I am already looking forward to next year where hopefully I will actually be able to find plastic easter eggs, and Oliver will have some idea as to what is going on. We were able to celebrate Easter with my Aunt and Uncle and their family, along with my brother Chase. It was a nice Easter sabbath where we could celebrate and remember our Savior and all that he did for us. I hope that as Oliver gets older we can help him to understand the true meaning of this holiday, and not just the commercialism of it. Happy Easter!

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