October 6, 2015

Life With Oliver

I've been working on Oliver's Birth Story that I would like to share, but finding the time to really sit down and write it out has been a little bit difficult. But I guess I could be taking the time to do that now since I'm writing this. New house (which hopefully I'll get a post on that soon), new baby, and lots of new, new, newness. As I'm sitting here typing away Tim is working on getting our pictures hung on the walls and Oliver is sleeping on my lap. It's been a slow progress. 

The day of Oliver's birth, was full of so many incredible emotions. So much that I never want to forget. Every day I am thinking about how he came into this world. I think about how our tiny human is a miracle. How our tiny human is a blessing to us. He has brought so much joy and love into our home. It's hard to remember what it was like without him. Today our tiny human is officially two weeks! Already he has changed so much. He's still a skinny little guy, all limbs and such, but I can see it in his face. Bring on the neck roles. It makes me a little bit sad scrolling through pictures on my phone and seeing how much Oliver has grown. It's only been two weeks and I already feel like I've lost my 7lb 5oz newborn. 

We've been working on the whole sleep/eat schedule, and so far it's been progressing as I've hoped. The past couple of nights have been me waking him up to feed rather than his cries waking me. Sleep is now a treasured luxury. My fingers are crossed that it will continue to progress. I feel for the most part we've gotten the breastfeeding down. Of course there are the occasional frustrated meltdowns on both sides, full of tears and feelings of failure that my tiny human wont latch on, but the good days are trumping the not so good. We are learning. 

7:30 this morning Oliver was wide awake, making his usual baby noises. After he was fed I and diaper changed, I left him with Tim so I could shower. Oliver is finally figuring out day from night, which I am extremely happy about, but makes showering a little tricky. There are just some things my wrap can't solve. As I came out of the bathroom, I swear my heart almost burst when I walked out to find dad and baby having a grand ol' time staring and making noises at each other. There is so much love between father and son. I have so much love for them and our small family of three. It was a moment I never want to forget, and I'm sure there will be more to come. 


Jannette said...

Love love love! You guys HAVE to quit making me baby hungry! :)

Bill said...

Happy Happy Happy!!! Love you sweetie. He's the perfect little man ❤️

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