July 2, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, we drove down to California with my brother to meet up with my parents to go to Disneyland/California Adventure. I haven't been there since I was young and this was Tim's first time. The drive down was long, hot, and being 26 weeks pregnant made it somewhat uncomfortable, but nevertheless I enjoyed the view as I watched the red rocks flash by. Tim was a trooper and drove the whole way. 

We stopped in St. George to get something to eat, and to stretch our legs. I had only been there once before and I how I did not remember how breathtaking it is, is beyond me. We hope to get back down there soon, especially with Zion's close by. The 24 minutes we spent going driving through Arizona, was the longest we had ever been there. My brother timed it on the way back through. As we continued we stopped in Las Vegas for a couple of hours to stretch out our legs. Heat and pregnancy don't mix very well, which made it uncomfortable for me to walk around a lot. Another place we stopped at was in Baker, California to get something to eat really quick, which is where the thermometer sign read 106 degrees and it was about 8:30 at night. 

It wasn't until close to midnight that we finally reached the hotel. My poor feet and ankles were so swollen after the long drive, but that become a common thing on this trip. Like I said before, heat and pregnancy don't mix very well. 
Prepare for picture overload of the happiest place on earth! Tim and I only had two day hopper passes, while everyone else had the three day hopper pass. Since I'm pregnant I was very limited on the rides that I could go on (which was totally fine by me since I am not a huge fan of rides) I was perfectly content being the photographer, and admiring all the different signs the parks had. Hence the abundance of signs. We went during the 60 year Diamond Celebration, so everything was pretty much sparkling. We spent the first day in Disneyland, and then majority of the next at California Adventure. 
Both parks were so crowded and any time you wanted to get a picture in front of anything or with anyone, you had to except the fact that a bunch of strangers were going to be in the picture with you. We didn't see very many of the characters, but the ones that we did had long lines waiting to have their pictures taken. We saw multiple variations of Mickey. 
Main street Disney was one of my favorites. It felt like you were walking down the street during the 1950's. 
There were only a couple of rides that I for sure knew I wanted to go on. It's a Small World was one of them. The first time we attempted to get on the lines were long, and then the ride shut down due to ducks being in the water. 
This pineapple ice cream was delicious, and also a refreshing for the hot day. 
As we were walking around we say multiple people with these pins, and instantly knew we had to find us some. 
Radiator Springs was one of my other favorites. It's been a few years since I've seen the movie Cars, but I have to say they did really well in recreating the movie sets. It was debated as we stood in line for the Cars ride, whether or not it would be ok for me. In the end we decided that if I wasn't so far along then it would be, so I bailed out right before getting on it. Next time we go for sure I'll get to ride it. 
The rollercoaster broke down just as the cars reached the top. We were walking by when it happened and later on we found out my parents were next in line to get on when it broke. The people had to get out of the cars and walk down. 
Radiator Springs at night was incredible with all the neon lights. At 10pm though they kicked everyone out for Grad night, so our time was limited, but were able to get churros from the cozy cone. Nighttime at Disneyland is spectacular, it is a world of color. The first night we stayed for the Fantasmic and Paint the Night Parade. Both were so colorful and exciting to watch, making you happy and feeling like a little kid again. 

We had so much fun! and Tim got to ride a lot of rides that even if I weren't pregnant would have refused to go on. Thank goodness for fast passes, or else they probably wouldn't have been able to ride half of what they did in the two days we were there. I was so exhausted after each day, and my feet were so swollen, but still had fun. Looking forward to next time we can return. 

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