June 3, 2015

Vaca Puerto Rico

Waking up the first morning we got back from Puerto Rico to the realization that we were no longer in a place full of palm trees and sandy beaches was a bit depressing. Especially when we looked out our bedroom window and all we saw were clouds. It's always hard coming back to reality after being in paradise for a week. We had a great time in Puerto Rico. I only wish I either we could have stayed there longer, so I could have had more time to fully appreciate the beautiful island. It was hard sitting inside during my work meetings knowing that Tim was out soaking up the sun and getting to enjoy a relaxing vacation by the pool. My meetings only went till Wednesday, so Thursday to Saturday when we left was spent exploring as much as we could with my swollen feet, and a sore pregnancy body thanks to the humidity.
The pool at the resort was gorgeous. There were humungous iguanas everywhere and sometimes they would jump into the pool. 
Tim loved this hammock. After my meetings we would usually come here to just sit and relax. 
The first morning we were in Luquillo we drove for over an hour trying to find a place to eat that was open, finally we found this place.
IMG_4972 Tim got some surfing in. It was one of the things he really wanted to do while we were there.
IMG_7160 We drove into the El Yunque Rainforest Friday. My poor feet were so swollen making it hard for me to walk a lot that we only drove to see a waterfall off the side of the rode, and drive some more to see a tower that overlooks the forest. I did manage to climb the tower to the top. The view was breath taking.  
IMG_7156IMG_5035 We spent some time in Old San Juan, going to the Spanish fort and walking around the shops in the city. I loved all of the colorful walls on the buildings.

Maybe someday we'll get a chance to go back, when I'm not pregnant and we can have more time to actually do all the things that we wanted.

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