December 7, 2014

Lights at Temple Square

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Ever since we have moved to Utah I have been excited for the Christmas lights at Temple Square. One of the events for the advent calender that I had made was to go and see the lights. Friday night we drove down to Salt Lake for dinner and the lights. The lights were beautiful, the temple was magnificent and there were so many people. As we were walking by the tabernacle we noticed people were lined up for the Latin Christmas concert, which is where we ran into a family that had been in our ward back in Washington before they moved down to Utah. Seeing them again was like a little piece of home. The wife is from Peru, and so they with their three little kids were there for the Christmas program. We weren't planning on going into watch since we didn't have tickets and I don't speak Spanish, but as we were leaving we ran into a family that is in the Spanish branch that Tim went to this summer. They had extra tickets and invited us to join them. The concert was festive, with colorful costumes that represented the latin culture beautifully. Messages were shared from different families on their Christmas Eve traditions, and traditional songs were sung. I was given headphones so I could listen to the messages in English. We really felt the holiday spirit, and was glad that decided to go. 

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