November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving this year was a good one. We spent it with my Aunt and Uncle and their kids.  Chase came down from Logan, the night before and slept on our couch. The morning of was spent shooting guns, arrows and riding the quad. This is a fun tradition that my Aunt and her family does each year. A couple of years ago when Tim and I were living in Idaho, we drove down for Thanksgiving and spent the day in the hills shooting with them. Tim is a pro when it comes to shooting guns, and also has a good shot with shooting arrows. I've always been good at handguns, but the bigger guns are harder for me to hit the target. And my arm is still sore from shooting the shotgun. We've been lucky having my Aunt and her family near by, since both our families live in different states. They've been such a big help to us. I'm also glad to have Chase live somewhat close by too. It makes holidays better. Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. So much food and I ate all of it and then ate a ton of pie. I love pie. This was a Thanksgiving in which Tim and I gave a lot of thanks for the blessings we have. 

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