November 30, 2014

A Night for the Cards

Please excuse my grainy iphone pictures, it was the best that I could get for these photos.

Saturday night was a night of going to the tables broke and leaving just as broke. Luckily for us this night of gambling did not require any real money. Just our classy selves in our fancy dress attire. My company provided the chips for some Black Jack and Texas Holdem, to reward us for excellent performance at the center. We were required to dress formal, which made for a classy night, and it was fun seeing all my coworkers and their plus ones dressed to their best. They also provided mock-tails and catered snacks for us to enjoy while we placed our bets. I've never been a skilled gambler, and lost all my chips pretty quickly, but that husband of mine though. He knew how to bet and held onto his chips for quite a while until one of my coworkers cleared the table. We had fun and love any excuse to get all fancy. 

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