August 28, 2014

One of my favorite places to go to is to our family "property." We have never come up with an official name for the place where we go and camp, it's just always been "the Property." Located 15 miles outside of a small Podunk town, this has been a place where all of the Summerhays clan come to get away. Our little piece of land is tucked back into a small corner hidden from view to those passing by. It is a perfect getaway. My grandfather purchased the two lots when my mom was a young girl, and since then has been loved and used by his kids, and the next generation. 

Located half a mile down the road from our piece of property is the clubhouse for members of the Lake Arrowhead community, which we are apart of. Since we are camping, and only have a portable toilet, we usually go down to the clubhouse to shower, or use the restroom. The lake and dock is right there, so one morning I had gotten up early and needed to drive down that half mile. I am glad I had brought my camera with me, because I walked out onto the dock to enjoy the stillness of the morning. The morning fog created an eerie calmness to the water, which sent a good chill up my spine. I was able to capture the quiet, still sleeping lake. It was perfect.

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