January 4, 2014

We loved having Tim's parents come spend time with us. This was such a special and emotional visit for all of us. It's hard having family spread across the country, only seeing them a few times out of the year, but the time that is spent together is so wonderful. We took this time to share our piece of the country with them. We shared the PNW with them. The last day was spent just soaking in the rare winter sun, and taking in the beauty that the Sound has to offer. There was even a friendly pup who only demanded that a stick was thrown to help us enjoy this precious time left together. It's fun to be behind the lens capturing the sacred moments amongst family. Watching my niece interact with her grandparents. My husband sharing a moment with his father, while looking taking in the Seattle landscape. My mother-in-law throwing a stick to an overly anxious puppy who we still don't know who it belongs to. These are moments that I was able to capture and observe. Moments that will be forever remembered and loved. 

Until the next visit these are what we will hold on to. 

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