January 10, 2014

Today I was told to go home from work due to (and I apologize for the bluntness) throwing up, dry heaving, having the worst headache of my life, cramps and for just looking sick and miserable. Thank you body for going the full extreme. Looking in the bathroom mirror I looked like death. Pale, sweaty, droopy eyes, the whole works. This morning I was feeling great and them BAM, it hit. No warning, nothing. I am one of those people who hate leaving work when I'm sick. It makes me feel like I am the most inconvenient employee ever. So rarely do I ever ask to go home early. I'm kinda scared too.

I had a donor who I am pretty sure felt bad for me, tell me that I was the best sticker he has had as I was taking him off the machine, and that I got an A+ in his book. He was dishing out the compliments, which did help me feel a little better, but I know I looked horrible. 

The highlight of the day was after I left work, I ran into Target to get some monthly womanly stuff. I walked in feeling nauseous, knowing full well I was going to be sick again, but decided to brave it. As soon as I grabbed what I needed and was heading to pay for my stuff, the dry heaving began. Quickly as I could without full on running through the store, I spotted an open cashier with the hopes of being able to purchase before rushing to the bathroom. Nope, I ended up tossing my items gently at her, mumbling incoherently that I'd be right back and ran into the bathroom. Lets just say I feel sorry for whoever has to take out that garbage. 

I am absolutely positive that this was exactly what you wanted to read. You're welcome. But for someone who has not (bluntness) thrown up in years, it was a pretty big deal, let alone it happening in Target. This one is for the books. 

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