January 1, 2014

Here's to 2014. 

You are bringing in so many new possibilities, new beginnings, new changes to our lives. You are the now and the what is to come. May you be kind to us and understanding as we continue to move forward towards our hopes and our dreams. May you be patient with us as we are young and are still learning. We are as young birds learning to leave the nest with our young wings spread ready to take flight. The challenges that we are bringing over with us from the past year are meant for us and you. You are the hope that those challenges will be conquered. You are the hope that we will succeed through our toughest obstacles. We welcome you with our arms wide open. We are laying our cards out on the table for you. We are an open book. Our gift to you so that you may understand who we are in hopes that you will be generous to us. 

We are few but you bring new beginnings for our family of two. So many adventures are planned for you, that are exciting and scary all in one. To you we are not beginning any new resolutions, but continuing on with the now. We are refining the current to be what it should. You will help us in succeeding in our goals and desires. You will help keep us in check and pressing forward. May you love us for who we are. For what we stand for. Understand what you are bringing to us and what you mean to us. 

This is my ode to you 2014. Be good.

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