December 31, 2013

In the two years that Tim and I have been married each Christmas we have rotated between his and mine parents.  First year Maryland, then second Washington. This year was Tim's parents turn. In May his parents moved to St. Louis and we had every intention on flying out there. Tim and I were excited to see the new home and to spend time with his folks. But due to still being poor newlyweds and not affording the cost of flights, plus lack of time off from jobs on our part his parents came to us. We are sad and disappointed that we weren't able to go to them, but at the same time happy that they could come party with us in the best city on earth (in my opinion). Also Tim's sister and her family live in Port Orchard so it worked out that we were able to spend and celebrate Christmas with them. 

This has been much needed family time with them. Seattle was on the top of the list of places to visit, but even though they had been there before, Seattle is just big enough that we were able to take them to places they had never been before. The tour of Seattle manly consisted of driving around trying to remember how to actually get there such as the Freemont Troll, and Queen Anne Park. Thank goodness for modern day technology and luckily there is always something new to see so it didn't matter too much that we got lost a couple of times. This particular visit was memorable for me in that I actually fed a seagull at Ivars on the pier. It required some hesitation, squealing, squawking, flapping of wings and running away at one point, but it was a success. The bird was fed and I fed it. We also went up the Smith Tower, and in my opinion the view was better then the Columbia Tower. 

It's been great having Tim's parents here with us, and we've been having fun. 

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