December 29, 2013

Dinosaur tails are very entertaining especially when it comes to a two and four year old, and even the adults present. There were plenty of stomps and rawrs with even a few light saber swings here and there to keep the children's imagination alive. Operation dinosaur tails a success. Once the tails were velcroed on around their little waists it was obvious this was a fun way for them to use their imagination. For Christmas I wanted to give them something that would not just get lost in their room among their other toys. Thank you Pinterest and for your creative ways, that allow someone such as myself who has a very teeny tiny hard to see creative bone in them. I was so happy when I saw how easy they were to make, and didn't take to much time. My sewing skills have been limited to middle school home ec. so I needed something that fit in that experience range. Now that I have mastered that art of dinosaur tails, I might need to make some for the adults. 

Here is the link to the genius of a lady who was kind enough to pin her creation.

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