November 15, 2013

Tim and I have been married for two years now. Two years! Happy two year anniversary to us! This past year has gone by so fast. It feels like only yesterday we were in Park City celebrating our one year anniversary. In reality this is a short time considering we have eternity, but when I think about it, two years is a long time to be with someone. The past year has been the best, together we have grown a lot, creating so many memories to last with more to come. It's been fun to reflect on this past year, and to compare it with the first. We have had our ups, our downs, and I would not change a single thing. For our anniversary I made a small book of Instagram pictures throughout the year, something for us to look back on and remember. Tim loved it. 

We took a weekend getaway in Seattle to celebrate, even though our anniversary was Monday. We love love love Seattle. There is so much to do and see, we weren't able to do everything in just three days. An incentive to keep going back. Seattle has a uniqueness of its own, such as blue trees. Since this was a special weekend we splurged and stayed at the Sheraton in downtown. The location was perfect for us, we were able to walk to all the restaurants and shops. Also the view. Let me just say, amazing. Amazing. The pictures I took of it, could not do it justice. Plus the elevator was perfect to actually get pictures of us, since I'm too shy to ask someone on the street. The weekend  was a lot of walking, taking us into shops... ahem Forever 21 a few times, and just taking in the city. Sunday was spent mainly in the Seattle Art Museum. Tim was loving the Peru showcase, since that was where he served his mission. There is an amazing small waffle house that we found and ate at for breakfast. My love for waffles have grown, now to find a place that specializes in french toast. The day of our anniversary was spent driving to see the troll under the Fremont bridge, driving across a different bridge to Alki beach, and then gradually making our way back home after dinner and a movie. 

A perfect weekend to celebrate two wonderful years. 

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