August 20, 2013


In no way do I consider myself a good photographer by any means. My brain has yet to grasp the knowledge of how to properly use the thing in which my two hands hold and use. But I do like to have fun with it, and try to act as if I actually know what it is I am doing. So what do I do since I don't have any babies or kids? Take photos of dogs. Simple solution. Or my husband, when he's not paying attention. (Side note: no babies are coming in the near future.)

The apartment complex that T and I lived in prior to moving to Washington did not allow pets, although I can testify of multiple couples having one, or two, or maybe even three. Lets just say I was  becoming hungry for a puppy, not baby, a puppy, and at one point even considered getting a cat. I was that desperate. So when we moved in with my parents, two chocolate labs became temporary satisfaction to my hunger. 

My two models; Blue and Kodiak. Blue is older, and is completely food driven. Any hint of food and he is right there, staring at you with hope in his eyes that you will actually give him some. Also he knows exactly what time he will receive breakfast and dinner. Blue also lives up to his name in that for the most part he always looks depressed (though we know he is not), and at some points he does have his moments where the puppy in him comes out. Kodiak is our tripod. He is our three legged pup, who loves to play. The word ball has to be spelled when he's around or else he goes crazy, and the ball has to be thrown for him. Even though he is short one leg, that has not stopped him. 

Rather than call me a photographer, T and my brother call me a pupographer. Makes total sense to me. 

^^He is my constant shadow. Follows me everywhere, even into the "No Dog Zone," AKA T's and mine Bedroom^^

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