August 11, 2013

A new chapter in our lives has begun. We are officially done with Rexburg; not necessarily BYUI, but Rexburg. This has been a big change, and is very scary. T and I have moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the time being. We are learning what patience truly means. For now we are living with my folks, which is a huge blessing for us as we transition from college graduates into the real world. It is helping us to save money and prepare for whatever is in store for our futures. With patience, we have learned to adjust from our two bedroom apartment into my old bedroom, searching for jobs along with waiting to hear back on them, and sharing a bathroom with my brother again. 

I love being home. Western Washington is where I have always wanted to settle down in. I'm a little sad to know that this may not be where we were meant too, but for now I am soaking up the greenness of trees and grass, and the vast array of water around me.

^^At my cousins wedding. Some day I will have a horse just chilling in my backyard.^^

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