June 9, 2013

Saturday was a beautiful day. Such a beautiful day that after I sprinted my way through the Teton Dam 5K, we headed to Jackson Hole. Jackson as I have mentioned before holds a special place in my heart. It's where I lived for a summer working at a souvenir shop. It's where Tim and I got encaged and celebrated 6 months of being married. Some wonderful memories have been created there. Boy was it a hot day, and I was regretting the decision to where tight fitting pants. Hagen Daz took care of that, for a little bit.  I've always been one who enjoys just looking; just looking through shops never feeling like I need to buy something from each store. Thats a good thing since we definitely cannot afford Jackson. Some day maybe. 

We made a full circle that day having gone through Driggs, over the Pass, and then on the way home we went through the Palisades. Such a beautiful drive, but let me tell you we were done with driving by the time we got back home. 

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Kelsey Terry said...

I love all your pictures Kaylen! :) It looks like a wonderful day!

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