May 28, 2013

I wish I could say I had a kid of my own, or even borrowed someone's when I went on this little adventure of mine. I had neither, but it's ok. I had my own adventure all by myself and it was fun! Tim had to fly back to Maryland for the weekend which left me all alone for a few days. On my day off this was how I spent it rather then sitting around, like I had done the days before. I discovered that animals are actually perfect models. They are very candid and are comfortable having a camera shoved into their face over and over again. Or maybe they're just used to it by now. It is a zoo. Hence the zebras who actually came over and stood patiently as I snapped more and more pictures. The lions were even vocal and did their thing as I stood by encouraging more roars and more poses. It was great. The camels on the other hand....

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