November 18, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need a Lazy Day

Sometimes I have learned that I need a day where I have no obligations. No need for me to go anywhere. No need for me to shower, let alone do my makeup or my hair. There is no need for me to look presentable for anyone; not even my husband. Those day's are today. Majority of the day was spent in my bathrobe. Luckily for me I have a husband who feels the same way on those days. Today has been that day. Tim and I both woke up this morning, knowing that church was cancelled due to the Boise Temple dedication, and since we were gone the week prior, we did not have the reminder to prepare for the dedication. I am not going to lie, I feel guilty for missing it, and guilty for enjoying the fact that I was going to use this day as a lazy day.

Tim and I have accomplished many things though. We made our usual pancakes for breakfast, and worked on organizing majority of our important documents, and even put up our Christmas tree and stockings. Yes in fact our Christmas tree is in its usual corner all lit up and looking beautiful. The reality of this year is almost over is coming on strong. It feels as if there is so much to do, and so little time left. Yet we needed a day where we can be lazy and feel no obligations. Today has been that day.

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