November 25, 2012

Oh Heart Tree

It's not even December yet and we had our tree up a few days before Thanksgiving. GASP. Yes, before Turkey Day I allowed it. This was a shocker for me too, for I am dead set against anything Christmas before Thanksgiving. But I love our little tree and we were going to be out of town for Thanksgiving so I felt like it was justifiable. Plus it fits so perfectly in its corner, and our apartment feels so festive. I try and decorate for the Holidays, but I'm not very crafty. I've seen lately a few pictures on other blogs of lights that are shaped as hearts, stars or even just circles that I have felt are pretty awesome looking. I'm not very skilled at my photography, but I thought this would be a cool trick to learn. So with the help of Husband Tim and Kevin & Amanda I succeeded. 

I really wanted to share my new trick and am excited for more Christmas Lights to practice on.

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