October 7, 2012

Better Late Then Never

 When Hubs and I were married, one of my biggest regrets was never getting any pictures of me in my gorgeous dress. It poured down rain on our wedding day, and the few pictures (besides the reception) that we did get were rushed. Plus my hair was wet and flat, and I was freezing cold and just wanted to be indoors that day.  For the past few months I knew that I wanted to have our pictures retaken, and had even found a photographer that I wanted. Sadly though the dress was not mine to keep and needed to be returned. Luckily I married a man who loves the camera and who just so happened had some pretty impressive lens on handy thanks to his work. This worked as a kill two birds with one stone kinda deal. Hubs is in a photography class and had a photo assignment, and his teacher recommended Palisades Reservoir for the assignment. This is a beautiful area and once we found a spot we fell in love with we had a grand time playing photographer and model. 

P.S. Don't judge my editing skills. I'm still learning.


Jannette said...

SO GORGEOUS. All of it. I love them.


jennifer anderson said...

very very nice

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