August 25, 2012

Washington Part 2

  Husband and I went to Washington a couple of weeks ago to spend some time with my family. This was a much needed getaway from our little town. It was a fun, busy week, with a few adventures. I love spending time with my family, and I love spending time in Washington. There is such a strong connection for me. I don't think there will ever be a place where I can truly call home.

We spent a day up in Seattle exploring. From Bremerton we took the ferry into the city and toured along the piers. There is a new ferris wheel that I admired and thought would be fun to go on. We did not. Someday. Pikes Place was a must see looking at what vendors have to offer, along with the germy gum wall (mom has never been), and then riding the elevator 73 floors up the Columbia Tower. That is an incredible view of the Pacific Northwest. I have said it before that Seattle is my favorite place on earth, and it still is. 

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