March 13, 2011

Sunday Scooter Ride

Sunday Sharpen ExposureSunday Sharpen Exposure

Top: Forever 21, Belt: American Eagle, Skirt: Thrifted, Boots: Famous Footwear, Watch: American Eagle, Earrings: WalMart

So guess what I got to do today! If you haven't already scrolled down to see the below pictures and guessed, I'll tell you. I went on a scooter ride today, and it was wonderful. Well Tim and I went on one last night, but we didn't get to enjoy it as much because it was cold and we basically froze. Not that we didn't freeze today, but it wasn't as cold. Spring is coming soon. I just know it. Today it was around 43 degrees. 

Tim's been saying for the past few days that he wanted to borrow his friend Kevin's scooter. His roommate Stephen wanted to film us, for what I think is for a music video. Saturday night I got a text from Tim asking if I was ready. Thinking to myself I was like ready for what? Then I asked him if I needed to dress warmly and he said yes. I knew what was coming. Sure enough when he came to pick me up, him and the scooter were right at my door. Literally. That made me smile. It was a nice ride to the duck pond, where sadly the ducks had already asleep. Not even the beeping of the horn woke them up. 

Today after church, Tim with the scooter, his roommates Colton and Stephen in a car came and got me. Since Stephen wanted to film, Colton drove. They told me I couldn't wave or acknowledge the camera. They said it had to look natural. That was not easy. All I wanted to do was wave and smile at the camera. Meh oh well. It was fun. It was an enjoyable ride. I had to laugh every time Tim said he wants a motorcycle. I just said I'd be content with a scooter. 

Maybe if Stephen is nice and lets me have a copy of some video clips, I'll post them. 

Scooter Sharpen Exposure

Scooter Sharpen Exposure

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