March 8, 2011

Rude Wake Up Call

Monday Sharpen ExposureMonday Sharpen Exposure
Scarf: Ross, Shirt: Down East Outfitters, Jeggings: Old Navy, Belt: Gift, Boots: Famous Footwear, Watch: American Eagle Outfitters

I had strong hope that Spring/Summer is was around the corner. A ton of snow has melted and the sun is out. I don't even need my heavy jacket anymore. I could get away with just wearing a light jacket. It was glorious. Then BAM.... I was rudely awaken at 5:30 this morning to some obnoxious guy scraping the sidewalks. It was loud and I was annoyed since I still had three hours of sleep left.

Now I'm in a grouchy mood and frustrated with a lot of things right now. I seriously need to get away from this place. Just saying.

Oh and if you are wondering if that is a blender with a flower behind me, that it is.

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