March 8, 2011

I Fed Some Ducks Today

Ducks Sharpen ExposureDucks Sharpen Exposure

Ducks Sharpen ExposureDucks Sharpen Exposure

Two posts in one day. Yes crazy I know. Originally the one below was meant to be posted yesterday, but that didn't happen. As I'm sure you can already tell. Now moving onto this post.

Today has been a day when I most definitely have needed some me time. As I mentioned before I woke up in a grouchy mood, and too top things off, things just have not been going the way I wanted it to. I've ended up taking my frustrations out on others, especially the one I really care about. Sitting through devotional was a challenge for me to not get up and leave. I'm sorry to those who've I treated and responded to in a totally unacceptable way.

Sometimes I just wish people could read my mind, and know what I would like to happen. I wish that I didn't have to spell it out. This was one of my main frustrations today. After devotional got out I needed to clear my head. At first I started out driving around, and then I looked and saw that I was wasting gas, so I somehow ended up at the duck pond. I just sat there staring at nothing, my mind a total clutter. Boy is that frustrating. Yes I drive myself crazy. UHG.

When I felt that my head was back in its rightful place I spotted the ducks. Yes I had the brilliant idea to feed the ducks. So quickly I rushed home, of course obeying the speed limit, grabbed my camera, tripod, and bread and headed back.

I must say those ducks are greedy, and I think they knew what was coming. As soon as I parked they rushed over quacking at me. I'm not going to lie, I was a little bit intimidated at first. Crazy ducks, I swear they were killer ducks. Eventually I gathered up the courage to get out of my car, and luckily those ducks did not attack, like I worried they would.

Ducks Sharpen Exposure

Wouldn't you be intimidated if you saw this face peering at you. I was so sure it was going to bite me and take all my bread once I got out. Shortly after I was able to get some photos other cars started to show up and that was my time to leave. Luckily no one showed up as I was taking pictures of myself. That would have been awkward. 

Ducks Sharpen ExposureDucks Sharpen Exposure

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