February 11, 2011

Well I Was the Birthday Girl

My Birthday Sharpen Exposure

I am 23. Ok let me say it again... I am 23. Wait, what!?! When did that happen? When did I become so old? 

Never before have I felt my age. Haha.

Yes it was my birthday, and what a wonderful day it was! It just so perfect to me with no complaints at all. I felt so loved. 

8:20 AM wake up, slowly roll out of bed; on with the sweats, sweatshirt and Uggs, grab running shoes, grab books, grab bag and head off to Nutrition class. 9:50 AM Class gets out early, Happy Birthday to me, now off to the gym for some good old workout time. Jogging, cycling, weights, now off to Wellness center to sign up for Nutrition program. Sweet every Wednesday at 11 AM, see you there. 11 AM back home, showering, music turned up loud... mmmm what do I want to wear? Oh I know! (picture above) It's my birthday totally dressing up for it! : ) 12:20 PM kidnapped for lunch by Chris and Mike... mmm tai food.... ummm nope on the peanut sauce. Good times though with good friends. 1:15 PM Crossroads with Boyfriend Tim... Hello you I love love love your shirt! Still hungry so time for a smoothie and bagel from Freshens. Oh wait, class now 2:00 PM... at least I got a kiss from Boyfriend to make my birthday better. ; ) 2:30 PM Happy Birthday to me again, class is out early, head home to get ready for work. Put on the scrubs, 3:20 head to work. Work, Work, Work, 7:20 PM off to go and get cute again for dinner with Boyfriend. 7:45 PM off to IF for some good ol' Panda Express. YUM!! Good food with a very good looking man. 10:00 PM back at the apartment for some very good cake with very amazing people. Plus some presents too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!! I have amazing roommates! 11:30 PM quality cuddling and movie time with Boyfriend. Yes please! 12:45 AM curfew. BOO. Oh well there was a good night kiss! 1:45 PM Sleep.

Thank you so much everyone for making this such a special and wonderful day. I love love loved it and it made me so happy. I loved the presents and the cards and the writing on my car. It just made my day! THANK YOU!!

Now for a picture with my guy.

My Birthday sharpen exposure


Jessica said...

23 does feel old doesn't it! I'm going to be 23 soon...ugh i dont' want to think about it!

Pam said...

You look beautiful as usual. Is that the scarf that Spencer gave you for Christmas? I'm glad that you had a wonderful birthday. Ummm.... you're NOT old because, well, that would make ME old! Love you!

Ana Lee said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!! You're so cute.

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