February 1, 2011

Warm Water Thoughts

Hand Sharpen Exposure

For some reason I have found that letting warm water run over my hands is very calming and soothing. The texture of the water hitting my hands and running down into the sink makes me feel happy and comforted. After I have finished washing my hands I will just stand there holding still and letting the water soothe me. My eyes are closed and I just let my thoughts escape me. 

I had never before really noticed that I do this till tonight. 

Rexburg has decided that it wants to be in the negatives. It is very deceiving when you look out the window and there is the sun, shining brightly. You think to yourself, its warm outside. Nope, wrong. Take one step out that door, your fingers and toes instantly start to burn and you swear you are in the first stages of frostbite. No matter how many layers I wore today, I felt like I was being stabbed. It was so painful. I really wanted to cry.

I look forward to when it is warm. I look forward to when I can wear shorts, and Chacos. I look forward to when I can go and lay out in the sun, reading a good book. A tan is what I dream of. Romantic bike rides up and down the streets, laughing and being carefree. So many things I look forward too. 

Tonight these were my thoughts as I let that warm water rushing over my hands. These were my thoughts as I came in front the stinging cold and let at first cold water, and then gradually switching to warm, then hot water rush over my aching hands.

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