February 17, 2011


Scrubs Sharpen ExposureScrubs Sharpen Exposure

Scrubs: Compliments of work, Boots: UGG Journeys, T-Shirt: BYUI, Bags Under the Eyes: Bronchitis

Please ignore how sick I look, and by that I mean the heavy bags under my eyes and extremely pail sickly looking face. That sickliness look is due to uh hum as I had so predicted, Bronchitis. Yuck.

It has not been a fun couple of weeks with this oh so wonderful mucus filled cough. I figured it would just pass over with some OTC drugs and taking it easy from my now successful daily work out schedule. Um nope. It wasn't until I could barely breathe and was basically on the ground coughing up some very nasty stuff that I figured it was time to head to the doc. Gross. Plus when I had to leave work early the day before, because I was feeling not so good and was struggling to feel alive, that's when I started to consider getting it checked out. So that is my story of having bronchitis. Not a very fun story.

I will have you know though that I am not letting this nasty infection stop me from my normal daily routine. I will still be hitting the gym MWF, but only doing a light workout; I will still be meeting with the Wellness Center every W for my nutrition meetings; I will still be attending all my classes and of course going to work. I will just be taking things easy and not doing them at the fast pace that I usually do. THERE. TAKE THAT YOU NASTY NASTY INFECTION! : )

Ok onto this blog post title. I think I have changed this post at least fifty million times. My mind has been working around it with so many ideas of what I want to post and then when I start to feel dizzy from the excitement of it, I click the save now button and tell myself I'll come back to it later. So now is later.

I don't know what it is, but I love spoiling my car. By spoiling I mean I love getting it cleaned. And by cleaned I mean washed, vacuumed, filled with gas and even the oil changed. Yes I include getting its oil changed a part of cleaning.

Tuesday Rexburg decided that it wanted to grace us with 40 degree weather. 40 Degrees! Total t-shirt day. Mmmmm still not the best for someone who has Bronchitis though. Oops. Regardless of this infection I still went and washed my car. It felt so good having the sun out. It seemed like everyone in Rexburg had the same idea, because at one point there was a line.

Along with my car getting cleaned, my headlight was fixed. Tim officially receives boyfriend of the year award for changing the headlight. What should only have taken the most 15 minutes turned into over an hour of struggling to get the rusted bolts holding the headlight on, off. The night became chilly and the wind picked up, but Tim in his nice professional clothes and his hands covered in dirt and grease never gave up. I started to feel bad that he was doing this and wanted to suggest that it wasn't worth the frustration, but at one point he said that it was personal and he wasn't going to give up. Mmmm, what a man. After much struggling he was able to get the headlight changed and I am so appreciative that he did that for me. Dinner in the near future. I think yes. : )

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