February 25, 2011

Hello Friday

Tim ExposureTim Exposure

I just have to say that I am so glad it is Friday. I feel as if this has been the longest week of my life. Everything seems to have just dragged on. My patience and attitude hasn't been the best these past couple of days. This weekend is desperately needed. Luckily I have work off tomorrow so I can catch up on some snooze, and get ahead on HW.

Tonight I get to listen to Tim play in his cool band. After work that is of course.

Tim got a new phone. Verizon's iphone in fact. He was super excited about that. I like his phone because of the camera. I like making faces, and lucky for me Tim does too, or at least he will make faces. Regardless of what the photo below may look like, I do really like it when he kisses me. It makes me smile. I was just teasing him and giving him a hard time. 

Tim Exposure

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Pam said...

why isn't "boyfriend" ever named?

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