February 21, 2011

Celine You Inspire Me

Oh Celine Exposure
Hat: Target, Shirt: PacSun 

Currently at boyfriend Tim's, with all intention of studying and doing homework. If you haven't guessed already, that is not happening. I will have you know though, I did get one quiz accomplished. Lucky for me I have the beautiful Celine Dion to get me in the mood. Ok not really. I think I'm more on the verge of busting out into song than I am actually looking through my Media Planning study guide, and preparing for my test tomorrow.

I'm being made fun of... Titanic just came on. Classic. Who doesn't love Titanic. It's such a heart wrenching story. I'm such a nerd.

Today is Presidents Day, meaning no school and lucky for me no work too. Tim, friend Rob and I took a small trip to IF for some shopping, and of course Red Robin... Yum. I love eating there. I always get the same thing- vanilla milk shake, and the whisky river bbq burger. Sometimes I think I need to venture out, but I am loyal to my delicious burger. I considered getting a limeade, but then I remembered how much I love their milkshakes. It made my day. Thank you parentals for the gift card! : )

I guess I need to focus now. Joy.

Oh and still excuse the mess of my blog. Still figuring it out.

Oh Celine Exposure

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