January 7, 2011

The Day...

This is the day I look forward too.....

Grass Sharpen Exposure

The day I can see green again. 

I am sitting here in the library working on homework. Yes I do already have homework and it is only the third day of classes. In need of a short 10 minute break I have been looking through some of the other blogs I follow. One of them in which I am particularly paying attention to today is {It's Simple Love}. She has the cutest blog and always posts the cutest items on it. On this particular post that is linked, is about vintage postcards. My eyes are always drawn to things vintage. She has also included a link that goes to {Ruffled}. 

Now when you first click on it you will notice that it does focus on weddings. That is not why I am looking through it. I am looking through this page because I am looking for ideas on what I can do for my {Sketchbook project} that is due in a few days. I am glad to say I have been inspired and ideas are now running through my head thanks to this cute sight. If you click on DIY Ideas you can see the different projects that others have submitted. I think I'm in love with it. 

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