January 15, 2011

The Color Red

It's a new year and Winter 2011 semester has been in session for a couple of weeks. So far I am really liking my classes. I've decided to work extra hard this semester and focus as much time as possible on my studies. Not that I haven't in the past, but I feel that since the classes I am taking are ones that I am interested in, and focus on what I have decided I want to go into, I want to make a point of working hard and excel in them. FYI I've decided I want to be a dietician. I'm not sure what I want to do with that, but that is along the lines of what I have decided I want to do with my life.  

In case you are wondering these are my classes:

  • Intro to Community Health
  • Communicable/Non Communicable Diseases
  • Nutrition
  • Program Planning
  • Media Planning and Strategy
So far I am really enjoying them and constantly checking my grades to see how well I've done on the assignments and quizzes. I really want to do well this semester. Another good thing is I have an amazing apartment. I moved to Northgate, which are brand new. My roommates are perfect. There have been no complaints. The best part: THE KITCHEN IS ALWAYS CLEAN! It is pretty much amazing. 

This is going to be a good semester. I just know it. : )

Colleen and Jill both had assignments for their classes which required them to take pictures. I tagged along, playing model and also taking a few of my own with my little point and shoot camera. Nothing special, yet I was pleased with the end results. 

I don't have the ones that they took of me yet, but when I get them I will be sure to post them. It was fun, but cold especially since I was in a flannel shirt with no coat. 

Red Sharpen Exposure

Red Sharpen ExposureRed Sharpen Exposure

Red Sharpen Exposure

Red Sharpen ExposureRed Sharpen Exposure

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