December 20, 2010

Washington my Love

Flying Sharpen
(This was what I saw majority of my flight)

It was a long, freezing shuttle ride and tiring flight, but now I am home! Hello Seattle! How I have missed you! Flying over Seattle always makes me so happy to the point that I just want to cry! I love love love coming home. There is something about seeing green trees, lakes, the sound, buildings, and lots and lots of houses! Even the rain makes me happy. Idaho just does not have that. 

Flying Sharpen2
(Flying over Seattle. You can kind of see the Space Needle)

I have a list of things I want to accomplish and go and do while I am home.

I need to do:
  • Finish my cross-stitch project that I started in the Summer (I accomplished a lot over Thanksgiving break, but now I really need to finish it)
  • Help International application
  • Sketchbook Project (For more info refer to the sidebar)
  • Season's blocks (Super Saturday project)
I want to do/what I will do:
  • Go to Leavenworth 
  • Zoo Lights
  • Oh Canada! (Victoria)
  • Finish my book I started
  • Dinner date with Danielle and our moms
  • See old friends
  • Talk to Chase on Christmas Day (I'm super excited to talk to him!)
  • Seattle Trip- especially Pikes Place (I need a new painting)
Mmmmm there is more that I would like to do during my visit here, but since I am currently drugged up on meds, cus I got sick from my lack of sleep I am currently not thinking straight, and can't really remember everything. Please forgive me. 

I would also like to say that I am so so so grateful there is no snow here! : )

Glad to be home!

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