December 21, 2010

Washington my Love-Day 2

FYI: This is kind of a picture overload. Just saying.

Tis the holiday season and so day two of being home meant admiring the Christmas tree, being crafty and playing with my dogs. Yes I did not leave the house today. I am totally ok with that. I love the fact that I don't have to be anywhere. I don't have any obligations. Just my list of things I would like to accomplish and spending quality time with my family. I've also been experimenting with my brother's Nikon D40. I am in no way an expert on how to use the thing, but I am having fun experimenting. 

Since Christmas decorations are throughout the house, I took the opportunity to mess around with the camera, taking lots and lots of pictures. It is a fun camera and I hope by the end of my visit home, the quality of my pictures will have somewhat improved. We will have to see. 

I hope you like them. 

Christmas ExposureChristmas Sharpen Exposure

Christmas Sharpen Exposure

Christmas Sharpen Exposure

As I said before, today was a day of crafts. During my visit home back in August, I saw some season blocks that were on display at my parents church. They were there to show what was going to be done at their Super Saturday. I thought the blocks were so cute and wanted to make my own. My wonderful mother ordered the kit for me, and that was what we worked on today. 

Last night we went to Michael's to get the paper on which the vinyl letters would go on. It was hard trying to choose the paper for each of the seasons. I knew I wanted something vintage and classy. In the end I was very happy with my selection. Next was choosing the color that the blocks would be. A darker color was my choice. 

Here is the progression of the season blocks. In the end, I can say I am so happy with how they turned out. I can already picture how they will fit with the interior of my ideal house. They are classy, and vintage looking and I love them! (P.S. I accidently messed up the order of the paper on Summer, on the finished blocks. The two M's are supposed to be switched.)

Coming tomorrow: Leavenworth

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