December 12, 2010

Tis the Holiday Season

Mmmmm yes it has been awhile. Yes there has been a quite bit happening since Thanksgiving. Finals have arrived. The end is insight. Of the semester I mean, not graduation. Plus packing and cleaning are soon to begin. In one week I will be home in Washington for the Christmas Break. I can't wait!

Rexburg has become very festive. The lights on main street are lit. Houses are decorated. Christmas trees can be seen through front windows. Couples walking hand in hand. Plus the snow adds to the beauty. Not so much the cold though. It has been a bit warmer this past week, but is now back to being a cold that chills down to the bones.

Tim likes photography. So do I. Main street has beautiful lights on all the trees and lamp posts. He took his professional camera and I took my simple Canon. Perfect picture opportunity. Oh how I love the holiday season!

Lately I've been finding that I love pictures that come out blurry. Especially with Christmas lights.

Lights Sharpen 2Main street lights sharpen


Do you know how hard it is to find an ugly sweater that is still somewhat cute. Believe me when I say it is not easy. You can ask Tim too. He'll vouch for me as to how annoying it is. Thank you Tim for being such a trooper and going with me. You had some good ideas. : ) D.I. was a fail. Luckily WalMart saved the day, with a somewhat decent ugly sweater.

Saturday night the girls from work, we all got together for as you can guess an ugly sweater party. Such a festive party; good food, fun games, lots of chocolate, I mean LOTS of chocolate. For a girl who does not care much for chocolate I sure ate a lot of it. Well so much for those ten pounds I recently lost. I believe I've just gained those pounds back (hopefully not).

It was a fun night and we are some crazy girls. Definitely saw a different side of some of the girls I work with.


Sunday is a special day, and a perfect day for service. It's the holiday season, which shouldn't be an excuse to not serve, BUT... my calling in my relief society is Humanitarian Aid Specialist. I think. I was in charge of getting fleece blankets so we could tie them. Some lucky kids are going to be getting these blankets.

As a side not, I really loved my outfit that I wore. Just saying.

Oh Christmas tree, you make me happy.

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