November 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland is Here

Since Rexburg has decided that it is Winter, I've decided to post a few of my favorite pictures from wintertime. I have posted these before but I wanted to share them again.

Sharpen Name

1. This first one was taken by my brother Chase who is currently serving his mission down in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We went to the cemetery across the street from my families house. This photo was actually taken at night, but thanks to photo editing I was able to have fun with it. Also lately I've been into sharpening all of my photos. I'm not quite sure why but I really like how they look.

I have to admit, I believe this is one of my favorites. I usually will come back to this photo.

Sharpen Snow

2. This one was taken at Waughop Lake, at Fort Steilacoom. The trail wraps around the lake and usually is populated with people walking, running, or biking. This particular day there wasn't that many people out, and with the rare snow it was fun to take a bunch of photos. I love the snow on the trees and the look it creates.

3. Last this one was taken in Jackson Hole, Wy. I love love love Jackson during the winter time. The lights around the antlers in the main square are so cool to me. Also walking around this ski resort town makes me happy, with all the unique shops.


Dallin & Ashley said...

This looks so beautiful! As much as i hate that cold is is GORGEOUS!

Jenn said...

Jackson looks so pretty. Greg and I have been wanting to go there. Someday....

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