November 22, 2010

Here's What You Missed

Thanksgiving Break is finally here. Luckily for me I had Friday and Saturday off work, and then tomorrow and Thursday off (Thanksgiving Day). This is a much needed break from classes, test, and HW.

The four main events of the weekend starting from the most recent ie. this morning.

1. This morning I walked out my front door into snow that came above my knees. We were on a search for Colleen's phone that was lost after she beautifully face planted into the snow, the night before. I am proud to say I am the one who found it. : )

Knee deep snow sharpen

2. Sunday was pretty much a blizzard all day. After dinner over at Reece's, Colleen and I went on to what turned out to be a 2 hour trek around Rexburg. I've never felt like an Eskimo before. Colleen's and mine romantic bike rides and have now turned into romantic walks.

This trek started out nice with light snow flakes, to a full blown blizzard. We started from our apartment up to the temple. The snow drifts coming off the temple looked so cool in the lights. Pictures don't do that sight justice. From the temple we headed down towards main street, which we walked along. I was sad to see that the lights were not on yet. Hopefully they will be on after Thanksgiving. Driving up and down Main street with the Christmas lights on is so pretty. It's a sight I love to see. It is one of the perks of living in a small town. After main street we made our way back to the apartment.

Lets just say by the end I really felt like an Eskimo. I has so much more respect for those people.

snow sharpen rexburg temple sharpen

Eskimo Style Sharpen

3. The last romantic bike ride of the season. My beach cruiser had its last ride before the snow began to fall for what I am sure will be a long eight months. I bundled up in my warmest cutest clothes. I love my hat which I got in Jackson Hole last winter. It does its job well in keeping my head and ears warm.

Romantic bike ride sharpen

4. Thursday night or I guess you could say Friday morning was the premiere of Harry Potter! Nothing much more I can say about that.

Even though this week is going to be nice not having classes and spending Thanksgiving day with a great family I have my projects to keep me busy.

1. Hopefully finish my cross-stitch that I started in the summer
2. Read As Always Dave, by Jack Weyland
3. Internship application with Help International
4. A Henna Kit
5. Cleaning my apartment hard core

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