September 26, 2010

Hike Down to Mesa Falls

All day Friday I kept thinking to myself, "I want to go on a hike." Saturday morning I woke up to Natalya messaging me, "We're going on a hike." Well it was more like, "We're going to Mesa Falls, you want to come?" Of course I did. Was I not thinking the day before that I wanted to go on a hike?

Everyone met up at Chris's apartment and after forty-five minutes of getting organized and quickly running home to change into shorts, since I was originally jeans. At first I didn't realize that we would actually be hiking down to the falls. I had been before to the Upper Falls, but it was just a look out and the pathway was wooden. It wasn't until other girls showed up with their swim suits on underneath their shorts and t-shirts, that I realized that we were going on an actual hike, and most likely getting wet. Hiking in Jeans would not be fun.

The first stop was to stop at the look out point to see where we were hiking to; which as the Lower Falls. I have circled certain points in the photo below. Chris pointed out the trail, where we had to climb down (circled in red) and where we would be getting into the water.


The start of the hike was great, nice and easy. Not so great once we got to the part where we had to climb down. I guess you could say had a small panic attack. It was really weird. I've never freaked out before when it came to climbing. I mean I go rock climbing and where we had to climb down (circled in red) was not that hard at all. It was maybe a ten foot drop. Plus Chris and Adam were there to help guide us down, but for some reason I froze. It took some encouraging, but eventually I was able to make it down. My legs shook so bad the whole rest of the way down until we got to the waterfall. I had to slide down on my butt. I was completely freaked, and I have know idea as to why. Doing things like this hike is what I am into. It is what I love to do.

The waterfall was gorgeous and was totally worth my freak out moment. My legs were still shaking as soon as we got to our destination, but not as bad as before. It was a little nerve wrecking knowing that you were on the top of the waterfall and could easily be swept over the edge if you went to far out into the current. Good news. No one died. You can see see Chris and someone else down in the area where we got into the water.


This picture is for Chase. I will be sending it to him as soon as I get a letter written to him.

We're both wearing TOMS. I kinda half tempted to post this picture on the TOMS website to show how we wear our TOMS.

(Natalya and I)

The water was freezing, but it was a lot of fun getting in and getting wet. I was really glad I changed into shorts and also changed my undershirt. At first I was content with sitting on a rock and watching the others going underneath one of the miniature falls, but then I was like what the heck. What reason do I have to not get wet and have this totally awesome experience.

Isn't it really pretty and so cool to look at?


(Brittany, Natalya, and I)

The pressure of the water coming down on me was strong, and I had to hold onto the weeds to keep my balance. It was also so cold, and I couldn't breathe very well underneath, so I was only there for about a minute while the picture was being taken.

I absolutely love this picture. I think how the water looks is really cool and unique.



(Chris, Me and Natalya)

The hike was so much fun, and I feel totally embarrassed about my little moment there. Like I said before it was weird for that to happen to me. Halfway down we discovered that there was an easier way to get down to the falls, that half our group took. That was the way most of us went back. I'm starting to think I might have asthma though, because on the way back up I had a really hard time breathing and my chest hurt really really back. Natalya was nice enough to offer me her inhaler, but i turned it down. Luckily I did not pass out or die. Hence me blogging this fine night.

I'm ready for the next hike.

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Celeste Pearson said...

Oh my those falls look amazing! I would totally do that hike if I knew that was at the end.

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