September 2, 2010

Brilliant Idea Backfired

First off, I have become a slacker. A horrible slacker at updating this. I'm much better at it on Facebook. Oops, but once school starts I think I will become better at updates. Mainly because I'm procrastinating studying.

Sometimes I get these brilliant ideas, and they backfire. Tonight was a prime example. A Silly String War.

Chris is back in Rexburg, and now his sister Natalya is here too. As we were all sitting in Chris's room (Joel was there too) watching him unpack he pulls out a bag full of silly string. Instantly a light bulb turns on in my head and I suggest that we attack Kim, (who I had just gotten of Facebook chat with.) I knew he was still in his apartment and wouldn't be coming over for awhile since he was eating. All of us decked out in different attires. I highly recommend checking out Chris'; you'll get a good laugh.

We first attack Kim, charging into his apartment. Next we head over to Kyles.

You'll see what goes down in the video. You can't really tell in the video, but my voice is going out due to me being sick. As a disclaimer I slept most of the day since work let me go home early to sleep, but then I had to return later on. By this time I was feeling a bit better, but my voice was struggling.

The end result: I loose.


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