June 8, 2010

A Letter To Rexburg

Dear Rexburg,

Thank you so much for deciding to actually have a warm day that represents Summer. It has long been awaited. I know you know that I am from a rainy state and am used to the dreary weather, but seriously it is June. It is time for the warmth to kick in and to stay. No more rain. No more clouds. No more wind. Most definitely no more wind. If you are not aware of as to what it means then take a look at the picture below.


It means Snoasis, laying out soaking in the warm sun on green grass, watching pickup games of ultimate frisbee. Summer time means always being outside; mot sitting inside staring longingly out the window. All the windows in the car are rolled down, with music blaring. Sunglasses, shorts, Chacos are warn. Swimming, boating, floating, rafting. Staying up late to look at the stars. Camping, hiking, bonfires. It means softball, running, bike rides. A good book is read underneath shaded trees.

Rexburg, please stay warm for all of us who are in desperate need of it. I especially need something to look forward to for when I get off work. My room is not my ideal place to spend all of my summer time watching tv shows and movies. I need the fresh air.


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